What does return to Player (RTP) stand for?

The percentage of all bets made that a เว็บสล็อตแตกง่าย machine returns to players as profit is known as the Return to Player (or RTP).

How to Determine a Slot Machine’s RTP?

To find it online is the quickest alternative. We have noticed that several of the best slot machine games have drawn the attention of real money players as a consequence of their frequent mentions on gambling news websites, enter the following query into Google:


It is usually simple to find the payout % of the games because of RTP percentage of the casino slot games that they examine is covered in great detail on numerous casino news websites that publish content about casino games.

They are also available on Poker news. Every slot machine review that we publish includes a section just on payout percentage with clear information on the games that pay out frequently and if a certain machine is loose or not.

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Also, you can examine the games themselves while you play real money slots online. There is always some reference to the RTP number. Typically, you may find it under “help” or in the slot game’s settings.

Tips for playing slots

  • Using a scale of 1 to 100, the RTP is determined. The majority of slots have an RTP of 92–97%.
  • Always select a 96% RTP or higher online slot machine game. The ideal slot technique is to always play with a high payback percentage, as this increases your chances of winning a spin.

Is it legal to play slots online?

Depending on where you live, playing slots online may be legal. For instance, the UK’s online casino business is fully licensed and controlled, making it lawful to play เว็บสล็อตแตกง่าย at UK gambling sites, though no longer permitted for free. Laws differ between nations and states. For instance, only a few states in the USA, such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, permit the use of online casino games. To find out if it is legal to play slots online, check the legislation in your local country.

How are slots paid out?

Slot machines are programmed to return a specific portion of all bets made on them. Typically, this payment rate ranges from about 82% to 99%. For instance, if a slot machine’s payout rate (RTP) is 95%, players will eventually receive $95 in prizes for every $100 they gamble on the machine.

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