What to Consider in Choosing 2 Car Garage Plans?

Planning for a garage can be confusing sometimes. There are a lot of categories to be familiar of. For instance, 2 car garage plans is found out of the 2100 to 2499 square foot category home plan search. This means that among any others, this kind of garage is in demand to those who want to add value to their home. People think that when the time comes that they want a lease, they can make a good deal with a potential buyer. This also means that if you don’t make yourself acquainted with the in-depth thoughts that should be known, you will end up with a frowned face. Making a bad choice is the worst thing to do because this will affect the value of your home. So take it slow.

The size is the most important thing to consider because this is tantamount to the whole accommodation scheme. Will the car fit in your garage? How about the space at both sides? Can you still breathe as you pass through the doorway?

Accurately-sized 2 car garage plans is an advantage to the value of your home. Dubai Auto Garage Picking these kinds of plans will save you a lot of money as well as future aggravation. Wouldn’t it be just so nice to feel comfortable about your home with a car that fit pretty well in the space in your garage?

Another reason why two-car garage plans make an ideal choice is that you are considering not only your car but your future buyer’s car too. What do you drive and what do they might be driving? Those are the questions. It will not make any issue if everyone drives a Mini Cooper but for most of the car owners around, better to have a 24′ square at a minimum.

So you think it sounds like the size ate up all the space? Well, not really. Nowadays, a lot of popular cars and SUVs measure at around 16 to 17 feet long; this size is narrow enough to make a walk around the automobile with the garage closed. On the other hand, if you will install an 18″ to 24″ deep storage shelves or else say a 25″ deep workbench, there will be no more space allotted for you anymore. That is the worst case by the way.

Now, what about the width? It is recommended by most garage planners that you should leave at least 30″ between the mobiles and stumbling block, if there is any. For instance, if there are other cars or walls perhaps, you will find it difficult to open the door of your car or pass through the thin space that is available.

What about the cost of 2 car garage plans? If you have a 20′ square garage in your home with a $200,000 mortgage fee within 30 years at 6% interest, the cost would amount to almost $1,240 every month. If you will expand your garage to 24′ square, this will add 176 square feet to the total size of the house while $8,800 will be added to the cost. In this estimate, the charge increases by approximately $53 per month.

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